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Dr. Dickholtz Sr. was awarded Chiropractor of the Year in 2008 by ICA, International Chiropractors Association

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  • Miracle-Like Responses ...
    When you Put the Brain in Control of the Body

    From a cancer patient to the mother of children with autism the story is the same: miraculous results from a simple, painless neck correction. The little-known NUCCA chiropractic technique has received national media attention for the positive effect it had on patients in a high blood pressure study. Now Dr. Dickholtz' attention has been turned to patients with cancer, alzheimers, scoliosis, arnold chiari malformation and other maladies. The results are astounding and it is now the time for serious research to be done.

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  • Miracle-Like Responses 2

    A Powerpoint presentation highlighting the astounding study results of the benefits of a NUCCA chiropractic adjustment. Patients with autism, high blood pressure, temporal mandibular disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, Marie-Strumpell disease, scoliosis and arnold chiari malformation have all received benefits from this simple, painless neck correction. Scientific proof of these cases involves the newest technology such as magnetoencephalography and cine phase-contrast MRI. The remarkable results presented are worthy of further study.

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  • Interview with Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr.

    The history, mechanics and benefits of the NUCCA chiropractic technique. One gentle adjustment has been shown to increase wellness in patients with scoliosis, hypertension, TMJ, ADD, autism and other maladies.

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  • Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr. in Germany

    Chicago Chiropractor Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr. speaking at the European Workgroup for Manual Medicine in Cologne, Germany on April 10, 2010. Scientific research on the NUCCA chiropractic technique in helping patients with high blood pressure, Temporalmandibular Disorder, Chronic Fatigue S.

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